“Working with Sheree is an absolute delight. She has a hyper-intelligence around written, verbal, and energetic communication, and being in her presence is an invitation to rise to her standard of clarity and integrity. She has a true knack for cutting to the heart of a matter and crafting language that conveys the deepest seed of truth. She is a maestro with boundaries and will always challenge you to honor both yourself and others in all of your interactions. Working with Sheree, everything has become easier and clearer for me, both in my business interactions and my intimate relationships. Sheree has helped me grow my confidence to speak my truth without apology and without micromanaging other people’s responses and reactions. This has been groundbreaking for me. With Sheree, I have learned how to be much more efficient in my communication, while also being loving and poetic. This balance has saved me time, energy, drama, and heartache and has elevated every area of my life and sense of self. I can’t recommend working with Sheree enough!”

Cora Boyd

Dating & Relationship Coach

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