Who Am I ?

Hi, I’m Sheree. Wordsmith. Ghostwriter. Lover of language. Big fan of humanity and making a difference.


If you’re a thought-leader on a mission to change the world, and you need someone to help you tell your story, or simply guide you in giving your vision a voice (ahem, with a book), I gotchu! 

And bonus, if you’re looking to hire an empowerment speaker for your next event, I gotchu there too!

I am on a mission to inspire courage by telling the stories of those brave enough to be witnessed. If the thought of sharing your wisdom (and possibly, personal experiences) sends shivers down your spine, good! You’re on the right track!







Fun Fact

I’ve never had a corporate 9-5 pm job, likely due to my rebellious spirit and the very real truth that I’m not a big fan of rules (enneagram 8). I’ve been riding the entrepreneurial wave since 2003 with plenty of bumps, but more joy than I can express. Totally worth the numerous sleepless nights and top ramen on repeat… for every meal.

The greatest gift in the work that I do is seeing my clients’ excitement when their vision is finally given a voice. Whether I am ghostwriting a non-fiction book or mentoring aspiring authors through the process of writing their own non-fiction book, knowing that I am using my gifts to help elevate the world and support other amazing human beings on their mission to do the same sets my soul on fire!

My Journey

From a young age, I used to write stories, most of which involved unicorns, living on the beach (sans pants), and ice cream. I nailed the beach life part, with an occasional froyo indulgence. I’ve yet to snag an actual unicorn (if you’re out there, holla!), unless of course you call being surrounded by deliciously magical humans unicorns in which case, #nailedit. Super fortunate to have a solid tribe of world-changers in my circle, including my amazing clients!

After graduating high school in a small farm town North of Seattle called Snohomish, I made my way South to gorgeous San Diego, CA where I’ve lived ever since. I graduated college with a degree in Visual Communications (fashion industry), just a fancy way of saying visual marketing. Basically, the overachiever in me got a 4.0 to make things look pretty on set and learn about business.

Fast-forward a few years, through a traumatic event and a series of health issues, I found myself back in school to study holistic health and nutrition as a way to heal my body from within.

Through it all, writing was my safe place to come back to over and over again. Even to this day.

Shortly after finishing my holistic health and nutrition program, I met someone at the gym who would become one of my dearest friends, and the rest is history. My professional writing career was born when he asked me to ghostwrite a book for him on Autoimmune Disease (my area of study), and it’s been one of the biggest blessings of my life.

I’ve written hundreds (or more) video scripts, blog posts, emails, social media captions, and speeches. I’ve also had the tremendous honor of supporting mission-driven healers, coaches and entrepreneurs in writing their non-fiction books. Additionally, I’ve crafted some pretty stellar book proposals to publishers, and ghostwritten multiple books for some of the coolest (and most inspirational) people on the planet (in my humble opinion). My work as a ghostwriter was published with Hay House, Inc.™️ in 2018 and to this day, I cannot believe I get to be paid to do the work I love so much! 

I love being able to create from a place of love and purpose, and working with my clients to get their message into the hands and hearts of those that need it most is truly the biggest reward of it all.