How does ghostwriting work

1. We will get on a zoom call (or in-person, if local) and dissect your thoughts, all of which will be recorded via audio.

2. Together, we will craft a rough outline to weed out the thoughts that don’t flow and weave together a juicy sequence of thoughts that align with your vision. I always encourage my authors to be unattached in the sense that there is always space to create more books with those brilliant ideas. The key for your reader is clarity, value, and to evoke an emotional response that creates an action that causes a transformation on some level. You are the guide.

3. I will map out the final outline from there and send to you for approval. The outline may change as the process gets moving and that’s okay. This is simply a framework to work from and so important to the process.

4. We will come up with a realistic timeframe for first draft, revisions, final draft. Copy and line editing are included. Because I am writing the book on your behalf, and staring at the same piece of work for months, I entrust my editor to handle this piece (and she’s brilliant).

5. Once the final outline has been approved and we’ve established a timeframe, I will get to writing. I will send over the introduction chapter for your review to ensure I have your voice and the tone dialed in. Remember, I am not you so the more YOU you can be with me, the easier it becomes to take on your voice. This piece usually takes a bit of back and forth if we haven’t worked together before.

6. Once you’ve provided feedback on voice and tone, I will move forward with each chapter.

7. I typically work with my clients using Voxer for quick questions, feedback, or notes the author wants to share. Any written materials already created that fit into the outline are provided to me by the author upfront or, as needed.

8. We make a baby together! Don’t worry, it’s not as weird it sounds. But lemme tell ya, once this baby is done you will get what I mean! #work

9. The editing phase will provide additional feedback, which I will use to make modifications as needed.

10. Design and publication come next. This is something we discuss upfront to ensure that once your manuscript is ready to publish, you know where you’re going for this next, very important step. Depending on how you choose to publish (self, hybrid or through a traditional publisher), some of the steps, such as design, formatting, publication and distribution, will be lumped together.

The typical timeframe for the first draft to be completed is 6 months. However, depending on the involvement of the author, this process can be streamlined and happen much sooner (3-4 in some cases). Self-publishing does happen much quicker than traditional publishing (most traditional publishers publish their upcoming books 12+ months after it’s been finalized, so keep that in mind). There are benefits to both.

Investment for a full-length manuscript begins at $50k.


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