“Sheree is a phenomenal mentor.  She has a unique ability to tell you what you need to hear in a way that allows you to feel supported, seen, and respected all at the same time.  She is kind, loving, firm and relatable in her style, and what I love most is that she has a great sense of humor.  Sheree always meets you where you are, never demanding you to be in a different place than your current situation.  That said, she’s no slouch, she will also give it to you straight and express exactly what she sees in you and knows could be most helpful for your progress and next steps.  She is an action-oriented coach, providing support and guidance to move you forward and actualize your intentions.  Whether this is getting clarity on your desires, or manifesting next level reality through inspired action, she has tools for all phases of the journey. She’s an incredible mentor, role model, and woman who lives what she preaches. She coaches from a baseline of respect, humility and love, and I’m so grateful to know her.”

Lindsay Knazan

Embodied Freedom Coach, CYT

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