“When you work with Sheree you get a coach, mentor, and therapist all in one, which is what you will need if you’re a first time writer. She holds you accountable and walks you through all the dark places in the most empowering way. The manuscript she helped me bring to life has transformed me in the most beautiful way. I healed parts of myself that I didn’t know needed healing and I found a deeper level of self acceptance than I knew was possible.I have wanted to write this book for over 10 years and she helped me do that in just over 3 months. Sheree gave me the clarity, construct and confidence to do it and release it into the world. I wish everyone would give themselves the gift of this experience. I found my voice, a renewed sense of courage, confidence and the ability to show up and be seen. The journey was worth all of it – the product is absolutely secondary.”

Heidi Fearon Baker

Wellness Coach, Author (Wildly You), Veteran, Acupuncturist

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